TRIP MAP OF THAILAND – ภาพถ่ายเดินทาง

The map below marks the provinces that I have visited recently. Many more trip reports and maps to come as I work my way through my archives. Scroll down for a list of provinces.



The following is a list of recent trips sorted by Region of Thailand. There are many more trips waiting to be added, so please bookmark this page and come back soon. I will try and add a new trip once every week or two. But, sometimes I am very busy at my school (see my blog on Thai School Life for more about that side of my life).


I have traveled all over Thailand taking literally thousands of photos.  The following Provinces and Popular Destinations are places I have visited recently. Many more to come.

Photos from these trips are being used on Thailand Guidebook. This is an on-going project to produce a free guidebook for exploring Thailand. New photographs and location updates are being added every week. Also visit Thai Travel Blogs for travel news and information on upcoming festivals and events in Thailand. I also have a website called My Thailand Photos which has many photo albums from my trips around the country.