Day Trip to Chachoengsao

Giant Reclining Ganesha at Wat Samanratanaram

TRAVEL DATE: 3 August 2014
DESTINATION: Chachoengsao Province

On Sunday I took a group of friends on a day trip to Chachoengsao Province to the East of Bangkok. It was a full day as we arrived at our first destination at 9 a.m. for breakfast and we didn’t get home until sunset. Like most trips of this nature, it is difficult if not impossible to do with public transport. You either need your own car or rent a taxi for the day. During the trip, I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow. Click here to see those pictures and reports.

The following map shows the places that I visited during the trip:



Khlong Suan Riverside Market,ตลาดคลองสวน100ปี,13.66085 100.95317
Wat Samanratanaram,วัดสมานรัตนาราม,13.70223 101.14082
Phra Pikkanes,อุทยานพระพิฆเณศ,13.73515 101.17441
Wat Paknam,วัดปากน้ำ,13.74213 101.20948
Bang Khla Floating Market,ตลาดน้ำบางคล้า,13.72854 101.20747
Wat Pho Bang Khla,วัดโพธิ์,13.72184 101.20261
Wat Hong Thong,วัดหงษ์ทอง,13.47385 100.87217

Chachoengsao is located to the east of Bangkok in Thailand’s central region. Chachoengsao is a fertile agricultural area fed by the Bang Pakong River. Mango is the most popular fruit grown in the province, and it is the location of the sacred Phra Phutthasothon Buddha image. The history of modern Chachoengsao dates back to the Ayutthaya Period, during the reign of King Phra Borom Tri Lokkanat, when most people lived along the banks of Bang Pakong River and its canals.

….Wat Hong Thong
The first stop on our daytrip was the riverside market in Khlong Suan. This is on the border between Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao. We stopped here for breakfast. Our next stop was the Giant Reclining Ganesha at Wat Samanratanaram. They also have a good riverside food market here. Nearby, we visited the 39 meter high Standing Ganesha statue called Phra Pikkanes.  Our next stop was The Golden Temple called Wat Paknam. Not too far away there is Bang Khla Floating Market where we stopped for lunch. If you have time, you can join a boat tour here to Wat Paknam and our next stop, Wat Pho where we saw hundreds of fruit bats. Our final stop on the return leg home was Wat Hong Thong, or the Golden Swan Temple. This is on a pier overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

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