Exploring Bang Khun Thian

TRAVEL DATE: 12 June 2016

Not many people realize that Bangkok has its own coastline. However, its not white sandy beaches as there are only mangroves and shrimp farms. But, it is an area worth exploring which is exactly what I did on Sunday. I drove down there taking my bicycle and drone. I also did two boat trips. The highlights were the mangrove forest walks and the restaurant on stilts above the sea. During the trip I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow. You can see these live tweets here. There is a lot more to discover and so I will be back soon to do some more exploring.

The following map shows the places that I visited during the trip:


Wat Hua Krabeu,วัดหัวกระบือ,Bangkok,13.61915 100.44874
Khun Kala Floating Market,ตลาดน้ำคุณกะลา,Bangkok,13.62437 100.45058
Prince Chumphon Shrine,มูลนิธิปทีปพลีผล,Bangkok,13.60573 100.43457
Bang Khun Thian Museum,,Bangkok,13.52764 100.42091
Boardwalk,,Bangkok,13.49661 100.42404
Car Park for Restaurant,,Bangkok,13.52747 100.42178
Bangkok Seaview Restaurant,จุดชมวิวทะเลกรุงเทพ,Bangkok,13.5025 100.45276
Boundary Marker,,Bangkok,13.49767 100.45425
Jeng Krua Chai Talay Restaurant,ร้านเจ๋ง ครัวชายทะเล,Samut Songkram,13.49369 100.3871
Temple in the Sea,,Samut Songkram,13.48724 100.38825

Jeng Krua Chai Talay Restaurant

PHOTO ALBUM – My first stop was at Wat Hua Krabeu. This is famous for the buffalo head skeletons. Though there was no evidence on this trip. What was of interest though was the “born again” ritual where Buddhists would lie down in coffins. There is a riverside market here at the weekend. Nearby is Khun Kala Floating Market. It’s a relatively new market and there wasn’t much going on here. It probably won’t last. Heading south I stopped briefly at Prince Chumphon Shrine which is shaped like a ship. Prince Chumphon is the Father of the Thai Navy. A short distance away is Bang Khun Thian Museum which is in the grounds of a school. Also around the back of the school there is a mangrove walk. You can rent bicycles here to do a Boardwalk trail out to the sea. I had done this trail before but it was badly in need of renovation this time round. Back near the school, there is a car park where you can catch a boat out to Bangkok Seaview Restaurant. This only costs 50 Baht. Apart from the restaurant on stilts over the sea, the highlight is the boundary marker between Bangkok and Samut Prakan. Due to land erosion, this is now out at sea. You don’t have to eat here. I just took a few photos and then took the next boat back. I drove further along the coast towards Samut Sakhon where I stopped to eat at Jeng Krua Chai Talay Restaurant. Patrons here can join a free boat trip out to the Temple on Stilts out at sea. Check out the link to my tweets at the top which has some drone photos.

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