Dan Sai, Phu Ruea National Park and Chiang Khan


TRAVEL DATE: 15-17 January 2015
DESTINATION: Dan Sai, Phu Rue National Park and Chiang Khan in Loei Province
ACCOMMODATION: Phunacome Resort

In January 2015, I flew Nok Air to Loei in Northern Thailand. The slogan for this province is “City of the Sea of Mountains, Coldest Place in Siam, and Beautiful Flowers of Three Seasons”. If you do decide to travel here during December or January, make sure you bring some warm clothing for the chilly nights. Highlights of the three day trip include visiting Dan Sai, home of Phi Ta Khon Festival, Phu Rue National Park, and the riverside border town of Chiang Khan. During the trip, I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow. Click for the embedded tweets for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

The following map shows the places that I visited during the trip:

Sharing a Mekong River border with Laos, Loei province is in many ways has more in common with the north of Thailand than to the rest of Isan, even earning the nickname “the Mae Hong Son of the northeast.” Loei is an ecotourism region surrounded by undulating mountain ranges, abundant with various kinds of flora and capped with fog enshrouded summits. The most majestic mountains are Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea. Loei has unique cultures and traditions in addition to beautiful geographical surroundings, such as the colorful Phi Ta Khon Festival.



[table]DESTINATION, สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว, PHOTO ALBUMS
Chiang Khan,เชียงคาน,17.896181 101.656782
City Pillar Shrine,หลักเมือง,17.486704 101.728972
Kang Pla Weaving Village,กลุ่มทอผ้าบ้านก้างปลา,17.528221 101.736681
Kitty Resort,คิตตี้รีสอร์ท,17.456088 101.394024
Lan Chang Restaurant,ล้านช้าง ร้านอาหาร,17.467933 101.726212
Loei Airport,สนามบิน จังหวัดเลย,17.4458462 101.7267606
Phi Ta Khon Museum,พิพิธภัณฑ์บ้านผีตาโขน,17.274388 101.14942
Phra That Sri Song Rak,พระธาตุศรีสองรัก,17.270085 101.141127
Phunacome Resort,ภูนาคำรีสอร์ท,17.281391 101.162038
Phu Ruea National Park,อุทยานแห่งชาติภูเรือ,17.4944925029 101.336435254
Phu Tok Mountain,ภูทอก,17.868866 101.682213
Poinsettia Garden Phurua,ลานคริสต์มาส อ.ภูเรือ,17.457074 101.361607
Thai Dam Cultural Village,หมู่บ้านวัฒนธรรมไทยดำ,17.799993 101.733865
Wat Neramit Wipatsana,วัดเนรมิตวิปัสสนา,17.263731 101.141943[/table]


GETTING THERE: Loei is 520 kilometers from Bangkok. There are no train services, though you can catch a train to Udon Thani in the neighbouring province and then change to bus. The trip from Bangkok by car and bus takes about 7-8 hours. Loei airport now has regular flights by Nok Air and Air Asia.

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