Market Trip to Ratchaburi Province

Today, I drove over to Ratchaburi Province with my friend Chin from Chili Paste Tour to explore three relatively new markets and other attractions. Click here my photo map of a three-day road trip I did there last year.

Date of trip: 16 September 2018

Today I’m on a day trip with Chin. Our first stop in Ratchaburi province is at Wat Don Krabuang in Photharam district. There’s a new weekend market here called Sa Sukjai selling food and local products. It’s open from 9am to about 4pm. Map:

The local people at Sa Sukjai market in Ratchaburi are Thai-Mon and wear their traditional costume. They also have their own language, but not many of the younger generation speak it these days.

Wat Aranyik Kawa Chedi Hak in Ratchaburi province is a very old temple that dates back 530 years. As well as a prang in the Sukhothai style, there’s a large 60 meter long Reclining Buddha. Map:

Near the Khao Ngu Stone Park in Ratchaburi, there’s a large Standing Buddha called Phra Putthachai. Behind it there’s a cave called Tham Rusi Khao Ngu with a Buddha carved into the rock. The pose makes it look like it’s sitting on a rock. Map:

At Wat Wapee Sutthawas in Chom Bueng district of Ratchaburi, there’s a new weekend market called Om Yim. It’s open from 9am-7pm. What makes this one unique is that the vendors come from eight different groups. Map:

At Wat Khlong Suwankhiri Khu Bua in Ratchaburi there’s a new weekend market called Kad Witi Chumchom Khu Bua. It’s open Friday to Sunday from 9am-6pm. What’s unique about this market is that the vendors are all Thai Yuan. Map:

I hope you enjoyed my one day trip to Ratchaburi province with Chin from @chilipastetour. We visited three markets and two temples. Click here for a Google Map of the places that we visited today.

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