Hat Yai and Songkhla City

Standing Buddha in Hat Yai

TRAVEL DATE: 15-17 May 2015
DESTINATION: Hat Yai City and Songkhla City in Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand
ACCOMMODATION: Buri Sriphu Boutique Hotel

During May 2015, I flew down to Hat Yai in Southern Thailand for three days with the guys from iTravel Channel. They had invited me to tag along with them while they shot a destination video for THAI Smile. We spent most of our time in Hat Yai, which is the main tourist city in Songkhla province. On the last day, we also visited Songkhla City. During the trip, I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow. Click for the embedded tweets for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

The following map shows the places that we visited during the trip.


Central Mosque,,7.076102 100.49164
City Gate,,7.192963 100.59019
City Pillar Shrine,,7.196469 100.590791
Guan Yin Statue,,7.04003318062 100.511789574
Hat Yai Cable Car,,7.04129055443 100.510774165
Hat Yai Municipal Park,,7.04056386834 100.504586789
Ice Dome,,7.04379383631 100.504358321
Khlong Hae Floating Market,,7.04618235219 100.474260373
Magic Eye 3D Museum,,6.996582 100.487304
Mural on Old Building,,7.195413 100.590754
Samila Beach,,7.21509403958 100.596007053
Songkhla Zoo,,7.157244 100.611876
Standing Buddha,,7.04072081654 100.510687831
Thao Mahaprom,,7.04579763119 100.513315245
Wat Hat Yai Nai,,7.003428 100.453988
Wat Phranon Laem Pho,,7.158483 100.556679

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Songkhla is one of Thailand’s most important port cities and a coastal province known for its ethnic diversity and its unique traditions, dialect and folk entertainment. The largest city in the province is Hat Yai, which is also the largest city in Southern Thailand. Although not the provincial capital, Hat Yai is the hub of transportation, commerce and tourism in Southern Thailand. Songkhla City, which is by the coast, still maintains its unique identity of ancient and historical flavors through local architecture and cuisine.


GETTING THERE: Hat Yai is located roughly 950 km from Bangkok and just 30 km from the Malaysian border. The State Railway of Thailand provides daily rapid and express train services from Bangkok to Hat Yai. Travel time is about 17 hours. From Bangkok there are daily buses from Bangkok to Songkhla and Hat Yai. The journey takes about 13 hours. Several domestic airlines, such as Nok Airlines and THAI Smile, connect Bangkok to Hat Yai. Flight time is about one hour and twenty minutes.

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