Amphawa Floating Market at High Tide

Amphawa Floating Market

TRAVEL DATE: 17-19 July 2015
DESTINATION: Amphawa Floating Market in Samut Songkhram Province

Over recent weeks, the drought in Thailand has been topping the news. Farmers are being particularly hard hit with their water resources all drying up. The tourism industry is also being affected. The popular boat procession festival at the end of this month in Ayutthaya has been cancelled due to low water in the canals. Pictures of very low water at Amphawa have also been circulating on social media. However, this river is tidal and it is only natural to go up and down during the day. But of course, it was the pictures of dried up Amphawa that got the most attention and caused some people to cancel their trip (see photos here). So, that is why I decided to go and see for myself what it is really like in Amphawa during this present drought. During the trip, I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow. Click to see the embedded tweets for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

The following map shows the places that I visited during the trip:



Amphawa Floating Market,ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา,13.424532 99.954672
Ban Mae Arom Homestay,บ้านแม่อารมย์,13.427829 99.958596
Saturday Market,ตลาดเช้า,13.428765 99.959638
Wat Kummarin,วัดกุมรินทร์กุฎีทอง,13.419822 99.951111
Wat Thong Khung,วัดท้องคุ้ง,13.424450 99.946718
Wat Bangkohthepsak,วัดบางเกาะเทพศักดิ์,13.439199 99.937308
Wat Bang Kung,วัดบางกุ้ง,13.445422 99.940636
Bang Noi Riverside Market,ตลาดน้ำบางน้อย,13.462522 99.943636
Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral,อาสนวิหารแม่พระบังเกิด,13.495268 99.923601
Bang Nok Kwaek Riverside Market,ตลาดเก่าบางนกแขวก,13.496191 99.921964
Wat Bang Khae Noi,วัดบางแคน้อย,13.433310 99.947855

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Amphawa Floating Market

On Fridays and on weekends, the Amphawa Canal brims with boats loaded with food such as fried sea mussels, noodles, and sweets. Visitors can explore the market, tasting the local food, as well as hire a boat at night to watch as pretty fireflies light up the air. To get there by bus, take the Bangkok–Ratchaburi–Damnoen Saduak bus and get off at Amphawa Market. By car, take Highway 35 to Km 63. Drive through the town of Samut Songkhram and take Highway 325. At Km 36-37, take a left turn toward the King Rama II Memorial Park. The market is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from about 12.00 pm-8.00 pm.


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