Day Trip to Don Wai Riverside Market

Giant dragon at Wat Samphran in Nakhon Pathom

TRAVEL DATE: 24 August 2014
DESTINATION: Nakhon Pathom Province

On Sunday I went on a daytrip with a group of friends to the nearby Nakhon Pathom province. The plan was to visit four attractions which included two floating markets. But, in the end we only visited two places as we stayed longer than we had planned. Plus we ate a lot of food at Don Wai which is a foodies paradise. During the trip, I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow. Click here to see those pictures and reports.

The following map shows the places that I visited during the trip:


Wat Samphran,วัดสามพราน,13.735253 100.214771
Don Wai Riverside Market,ตลาดริมน้ำดอนหวาย,13.769967 100.284246


PHOTO ALBUM: Not all of the best attractions around Thailand are listed in guidebooks. The giant dragon at Wat Samphran in Nakhon Pathom is one such example. I came across this one by accident about five years ago. It is best viewed from a distance as it looks like a dragon climbing up a tall tower. The nuns here are very friendly and will probably offer to show you around. From here we went to Don Wai Riverside Market. If I was doing this trip again, I would have gone to Don Wai first. It is less crowded first thing in the morning. Also, don’t forget to go hungry as there is so much to eat here. What we did was shop for food and then took it with us on a boat ride up and down the river. Tickets cost 100 Baht each for a 90 minute ride. It wasn’t really a tour as everyone just sat at the tables and ate while enjoying the scenery.


  1. Anja says:

    Hi there!
    May I ask you how to get there? Looks like you need a car or a taxi, or is there any other way? I don’t like to bargain an hour with taxi drivers, so I always try to use busses or mrt/bts around Bangkok. Any suggestions?
    Kind regards

    • Richard Barrow says:

      Are you talking about the giant dragon? If so, I don’t think you can get direct transport. You would have to get a Nakhon Pathom bound bus and get off at the intersection which has the big statue for the Police Academy and then change to local transport. Same goes for Don Wai I think. Though I hear that Bus 84 from Victory Monument goes to this area. If you want to do a day trip and visit 3 or 4 places then you are better off getting together with some friends and renting a taxi for the day.

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