What to see along the BTS Skytrain Routes in Bangkok

by Richard Barrow

Bangkok is famous for its traffic jams when sometimes it feels that you are fast going nowhere. A way to avoid the fumes and the delays is to take a train above all of this chaos. When the BTS Skytrain was first opened, it was great to start with, but then we quickly realized we had to not only take public transport to our nearest station, but we also had to often take more public transport to get to our final destination. However, all of this is fast changing now as the Skytrain and subway routes are being extended and interconnected. It might be a few more years yet before we begin to catch up with cities such as London and New York, but we are getting there.

What to see along the Skytrain: Sukhumvit Line (North) | Sukhumvit Line (East) | Silom Line (West) | Silom Line (South)

There are two Skytrain routes that cross Bangkok and cover a distance of 37.6 kilometers (23.4 miles). The Sukhumwit Line (Light Green) is 24.02 kilometers (14.93 miles) and has 23 stations. It goes from Mo Chit in the North to Samrong in the South. Both ends are being extended. The Silom Line (Dark Green) is 14.67 kilometers (9.12 miles) and has 13 stations. Both of them interchange at Siam.

In Thai, the Skytrain is called Rot Fai Fah (รถไฟฟ้า). However, whenever you are speaking to a taxi driver, it is best to just say “BTS” and then the name of the station. For example, BTS Mo Chit. You should also be aware that there are two stations with different names in Thai and English. These are: Victory Monument and National Stadium.