Map of Six Hindu Shrines at Ratchaprasong

Six Shrines at the Ratchaprasong Intersection in Bangkok

Probably the most popular shopping district in Bangkok is at Ratchaprasong intersection. Malls here include CentralWorld, Gaysorn Plaza, Amarain, Central Chidlom and Central Embassy. But this junction is not only popular with shoppers as many Thais and foreigners also come here to worship at the six shrines that are linked to ancient Hindu tradition. The most popular, of course, is the Erawan Shrine which sits right at the intersection. But, there are also some lesser known shrines tucked away such as for the Goddess Lakshmi at Gaysorn. On this page I will show you the location of each of the shrines as well as give some background information about what good fortune you can gain by praying at each one.


HINDU SHRINES,ศาลเทพเจ้าฮินดู,GPS
1. Erawan Shrine,ศาลท้าวมหาพรหม,13.744339 100.540467
2. Indra Shrine,ศาลพระอินทร์,13.744186 100.541660
3. Narayana Shrine,ศาลพระนารายณ์,13.744644 100.541438
4. Godess Lakshmi Statue,ศาลพระแม่ลักษมี,13.744783 100.540599
5. Trimurti Shrine,ศาลพระตรีมูรติ,13.747725 100.540332
6. Ganesh Shrine,ศาลพระพิฆเนศ,13.747870 100.540352

Erawan Shrine

THE ERAWAN SHRINE – Famous for bringing good fortune, Phra Phrom has the power to answer the prayers of all visitors. For the offering, you need 12 incense sticks, four candles, four jasmine and marigold garlands, and four pieces of gold leaf. To make the offering, start with your back to the main entrance of the shrine and walk around it in a clockwise direction. Offer three incense sticks, one candle, one garland and a piece of gold leaf to each face of Lord Brahama. The Erawan Shrine is on the corner of the Ratchaprasong intersection, opposite Gaysorn.

Indra Shrine

INDRA SHRINE – Recognized as the god who takes care of all humankind. Indra is seen as the supreme ruler of the gods with Lord Erawan as his celestial vehicle. Offerings include small elephant figurines and marigold garlands. The jade-coloured god is in front of Amarin Plaza.

Narayana Shrine

NARAYANA STATUE – Protector of local businesses and the well-being of all visitors. Lord Narayana likes yellow items such as fresh marigold garlands, textiles and Thai desserts like tong-yip and tong-yod. This god, who sometimes goes under the name of Vishnu, is mounted on his celestial vehicle, Garuda, in front of the InterContinental Bangkok.

 Godess Lakshmi Statue

GODDESS LAKSHMI STATUE – Visitors to Lakshmi pray for wealth and fertility. Offerings include dark pink blossoms, coins and other symbols of wealth. Also sugar cane or fresh sugar cane juice. Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Narayana, whose statue is outside the InterContinental Bangkok. Goddess Lakshmi is situated on the fourth floor of Gaysorn.

Trimurti Shrine

TRIMURTI SHRINE – Looking for love? One of the most powerful deities, Trimurti is believed to offer help with affairs of the heart. To make an offering, you need nine red incense sticks, red candles, red roses and fruit. Lord Trimurti is considered to be one of the most powerful shrines in the Ratchaprasong area. It is believed that he descends from the heavens at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This shrine is in front on CentralWorld at the Isetan end.

Ganesh Shrine

GANESH SHRINE – Popular with artists, Ganesh promotes creativity and protection from harm. Offerings include, fresh marigold garlands, bananas, sugar cane or sugar cane juice, ripe mango, black sesame, elephant apple, pomegranate, fresh milk and yoghurt, and Thai desserts made from sticky rice flour such as kanom tom daeng and kanom tom kao. The elephant god can be found in front of Isetan, at the far end of CentralWorld.

Source: Deities at Ratchaprasong, a free booklet published by Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association