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Questions and Comments about Train Travel in Thailand

If you have any questions about train journeys in Thailand, like how to buy tickets and how can you join a steam train trip, then please post in the comments below. You can also use this page to post general comments or questions about my train trips. It would also be useful for others if you can post your own tips and highlights of any trips. Thanks.


How do I buy a train ticket in Thailand?
You can buy tickets at any train station in Thailand. It doesn’t have to be the one you are travelling from or to. You can also reserve tickets by calling the hotline 1690 but you have to go and pay within 24 hours. SRT now have an online booking site but it is limited. You can also try for some routes.
Can you take a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?
There are daily trains between the capital and Bangkok. It takes about 11-14 hours. Most people take the overnight sleeper which arrives in the morning. This saves money on a hotel. But, these days, budget airlines can often fly you cheaper than a sleeper train.


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