My name is Richard Barrow and I am a British expat living here in Thailand for twenty three years so far. I have been blogging about travel in Thailand since 1998. On this website, you will find maps, photos and notes from all of my latest trips around Thailand. You can also follow me virtually and live on Twitter and Facebook during every trip. Like many of my other websites, you won’t find any advertising here. This project is a “labor of love”. Travel writing is one of my hobbies. My day job is doing e-learning websites for a local school.

The map to the left marks the provinces that I have visited recently. Many more trip reports and maps to come as I work my way through my archives. Click here for a bigger map and full list of provinces. You may also want to check out my Live Travel Blogs and also the archives of Travel Stories in Newspapers. Lots of ideas here for trips.

Photos from these trips are being used on Thailand Guidebook. This is an on-going project to produce a free guidebook for exploring Thailand. New photographs and location updates are being added every week. Also visit Thai Travel Blogs for travel news and information on upcoming festivals and events in Thailand. I also have a website called My Thailand Photos which has many photo albums from my trips around the country. If you want some ideas for day trips or overnight trips from Bangkok, then please visit another of my ongoing projects called “Bangkok Daytrips”. Finally, please also check out my “Thailand from Above” to see my drone photos.