Part 5: Surin, Buriram, Roi Et, Maha Sarakham and Kalasin

During September, I was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand on a 11-day trip to all twenty provinces in Northeastern Thailand. This is the third year that they have organised such a trip to promote new destinations and some lesser known attractions. 


Good morning from Sisaket in Northeastern Thailand. Today we’re heading to Surin and then Buriram. As you can see, I’m wearing my Buriram football shirt and standing in front of TAT Buriram’s pick-up truck. Looks like it’s going to be another hot day. It’s already 30°C.

Elephant World, Tha Dum District, Surin

This morning, we visited Elephant World in Tha Tum District of Surin. This is a new attraction that has recently opened that gives you an inside look into the world of elephants.

There’s also a viewpoint tower, a temple dedicated to deceased elephants and an elephant cemetery. Entrance fee is 50 Baht for Thais and 100 Baht for foreigners.


Chang Arena, Buriram

This afternoon, I visited Chang Arena, which is a 32,600 seat football stadium and the home of Buriram United FC.

We had a tour of the stadium that included the changing lockers, press conference room and the stadium itself.

This is most likely the most impressive football stadium in Thailand. They also sell the most football shirts as hundreds of thousands fly off the shelves every year. I bought two new shirts again like during my last visit.


Wetlands and Sarus Crane Learning Center, Buriram

This afternoon, we visited the Wetlands and Sarus Crane Learning Center at Huai Chorakhe reservoir in Buri Ram’s Muang district.

The Sarus Crane were believed to have been extinct in the wild until Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo initiated a successful breeding program to release them back into the wild. These wetlands are one place you can see them.



Good morning from Buriram in Northeastern Thailand. This is now Day 10 of our mega 11 day #IsaanTour to all twenty provinces in Northeastern Thailand. Today we will visit the remaining three provinces, Roi Et, Mahasarakham and Kalasin. Tomorrow is a travel day back home to Bangkok.

Wat Pa Kung, Si Somdet District, Roi Et

Wat Pa Kung, in Si Somdet District of Roi Et, is a sandstone pagoda modeled after the much larger Borobudur in Indonesia. Although it is smaller in scale, it is just as impressive. Around the base there are many bas-relief and low relief sculptures which show religious scenes.

When Luang Pu Sri Mahaviro went Indonesia in 1988, he went to worship T Borobudor on Java. He experienced its beauty and enormity and was very impressed. When he returned to Thailand, he told the story to his disciples and mentioned that he would construct the same thing in Thailand.


Cho Ko Restaurant, Roi Et

Lunch today was at Cho Ko Restaurant in Roi Et City.


Roi Et Tower, Roi Et

The latest tourist attraction in Roi Et City is this 101 meter observation tower. It is modeled to look like a Wot, which is a circular panpipe used in the traditional music of the Isan region of northeastern Thailand.

The Roi Et Tower took about three years to build and should be open to the public by the end of this year. We were lucky to have a special preview today. The highlight is the glass skywalk right at the top. This will be popular for sure. Though not for people who are scared of heights.

Prices are expected to be 100 Baht for adults with a special 50% promotion for the first month or two. The views and experience was excellent and it should definitely be on your bucket list.


Kae Dam wooden bridge, Maha Sarakham

The Kae Dam wooden bridge (สะพานไม้แกดำ) in Maha Sarakham looks a bit rickety and unsafe, but it was surprisingly strong. The local people continually repair and strengthen it as and when it’s needed.

The present bridge is 600 meters long and is 61 years old. A good time to visit is at sunset. I love this place. They also have homestay and so I might come back to stay a few nights.


Old City Hall, Kalasin

When we arrived in Kalasin, students from a local school put on a traditional musical performance for us. It was good to see so much young talent.

Kalasin Art Gallery

The ground floor of the old city hall in Kakasin has been converted into a new art gallery for the city. There’s some impressive work on display at the moment if you’re in the area. There’s also a section for 3D art.


Kalasin Museum

On the second floor of the old city hall in Kalasin, there’s an interesting display on the local culture and way of life.



Good morning from Kalasin. We have come to the end of our 11-day mega #IsaanTrip to all twenty provinces in Northeastern Thailand. After traveling 2,817 kilometers, it’s time to head home. The 515km drive back to Bangkok will take over seven hours if we don’t stop. Which we will.

Or Kungphao, Nakhon Ratchasima

A seafood lunch today at Or Kungphao (อ.กุ้งเผา – โคราช) in Nakhon Ratchasima.


Food Souvenirs, Khorat

A brief stop to buy food souvenirs for friends and family back home. If you ever go away for the weekend, it’s expected to bring back some local food for those at home. Though to be honest, a lot of these shops around Thailand sell the same food souvenirs.

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