Trip to Rayong for Music by the Sea Concert

Today I’m heading down to Rayong to attend the “Music by the Sea” festival on Hat Laem Charoen beach. I’m going because I want to give morale support to the local people there following the COVID-19 incident the other week which lead to many people cancelling their holiday. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports are organizing a number of events this month to help boost tourism in this region. Also this weekend is the Run Rayong 10K event on Sunday at Suan Sri Muang.

Date of travel: 8-9 August 2020

Suan Son Beach, Klaeng, Rayong

This is the seafood market on Suan Son Beach (ตลาดสวนสน) in Klaeng, Rayong Province. The fisherman go out overnight and come back very early in the morning.

They sell their catch at this famous beachside market to local people. You can either buy it fresh or ask them to cook it for you. When we arrived the fisherman were still sorting their nets.


Jae Aung Seafood restaurant, Mae Rumphueng Beach, Rayong

‪Lunch today was at Jae Aung Seafood restaurant (ร้านเจ๊อึ่งซีฟู๊ด) on Mae Rumphueng Beach in Rayong. It has a good review on Wongnai. ‬


‬‪Aerial photos of Mae Ram Phueng Beach in Rayong. It is the longest beach in Eastern Thailand at 12km long.

Paknam, Rayong

Fishing boats moored on the river in Paknam, Rayong Province. The boats returned around 10am this morning and the fishermen sold their catch straight away. The first picture was taken from Chalermchai Bridge.

These fishermen are making traps to catch squid. They said each trap can only be used twice before they have to make new ones. In the first picture he is repairing the nets. In the second one he is making a new trap.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam, Paknam, Rayong

‪Phra Chedi Klang Nam (พระเจดีย์กลางน้ำ) is a pagoda in the middle of the Rayong River.

They are building a new mangrove walk here that will be 800 meters long. ‬


Hat Laem Charoen Beach, Rayong

‪Aerial photos of Rayong River taken from around Hat Laem Charoen Beach. ‬This is where the “Music by the Sea @ Rayong” concert will be taking place tonight and Sunday night.


‬Musing by the Sea @ Rayong

‪Tonight I’m on Hat Laem Charoen Beach in Rayong for the “Music by the Sea @ Rayong” concert. It’s a free event taking place tonight and Sunday night. ‬


The new normal for concerts means limiting numbers, temperature checks, checking-in, mask wearing and social distancing at all times. Maybe not as fun, but it does mean the show can go on.

‬Krua Ban Pla restaurant, Rayong

Dinner tonight was at Krua Ban Pla restaurant (ครัวบ้านปลา) by the sea in Rayong. It came highly recommended on Wongnai.



‪Good morning from Rayong. Cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms later. I will be heading home after breakfast, with a couple of stops in Chonburi.

‬Dolphinarium, Pattaya

This morning I visited the Dolphinarium Pattaya. It had some raving reviews from both Thai and international families and so I wanted to check it out for myself.

It was certainly an enjoyable show for the kids, but as an adult I would hesitate about bringing my own kids here. The days are numbered for animal shows and I can see a time when this kind of thing won’t be allowed.

They have a promotion at the moment. Thais and expats are from 300B/225B and foreign tourists are from 450B/300B. Taking a photo with the dolphins is 400B and swimming with the dolphins is from 2,500 Baht.


Che with D cafe & restaurant, Si Racha District, Chonburi

Lunch today was at Che with D cafe & restaurant in Si Racha District of Chonburi province.


Light Bullet shooting range, Si Racha District, Chonburi

This afternoon I visited Light Bullet shooting range in Si Racha District of Chonburi. I took the five gun package. This was the first tine for me to go to a shooting range. I’m not really a gun person. But I wanted to try at least once


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