Trip to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan – Part 3

This weekend, I’ve been kindly invited to stay at three resorts: Avani+ Samui, Anantara Rasananda on Koh Phangnan, and Anantara Bophut. I appreciate them helping support my trip. Click here for a map list of all of the places that I visited. This is part three of the trip which is about my stay at Anantara Bophut. I also did a whirlwind tour of the island. Click here for part one and here for part two of this trip to Samui and Koh Pha Ngan.

Date of travel: 17-20 July 2020


The speedboat transfer from my resort on Koh Phangnan back to the private pier on Koh Samui only took about 40 minutes. Guests can also make their own way to and from the island by public ferry. But speedboat is obviously much faster.

Anantara Bophut

Tonight I’ve been invited to stay at Anantara Bophut on Koh Samui. I’m staying in the Royal Sea View Suite. Occupancy is only 10% this weekend despite it being high season. This afternoon I will do an island tour to show you what there is to see.

Map for Anantara Bophut:

Big Buddha in Bophut, Samui

The first stop on my Samui tour was the Big Buddha in Bophut. This image is 12 meters high and 10 meters wide. The best time to come to take photos is in the morning as the sun is behind it in the afternoon. Entrance is free. Map:

Wat Plai Laem, Samui

Near the Big Buddh on Samui is Wat Plai Laem which is also very photogenic. Both of them are near the airport and so they are worth visiting if you have time to fill before your flight. Map:

Chaweng Beach, Samui 

Chaweng Beach is probably the main beach resort on Samui for foreign tourists. The beach road today is like a ghost town with so many shops and restaurants closed. Many probably can never re-open. The beach here is really nice. Worth visiting. Map:

SEEN Beach Club Samui

One of the few places open on Chaweng Beach for food and live music is SEEN Beach Club Samui. It’s also unique as it has two swimming pools so people can hang out, eat, drink and swim. I stopped for a while to have a drink. Map:

Lad Koh View Point, Samui

This is Lad Koh View Point on Samui. In the distance you can see Chaweng Beach. Map:

Silver Beach, Samui

Silver Beach, on the east coast of Samui, is only about 250 meters long in a small bay. It seemed to be quite popular today with foreign tourists. Recommended. Map:

Lamai Beach, Samui

Lamai Beach on Samui Island is the second largest beach resort after Chaweng. This one was also quiet. But still very beautiful. Map:

Hin Ta & Hin Yai, Samui

Hin Ta & Hin Yai (หินตาหินยาย) on Koh Samui is a granite rock formation said to be an elderly couple who died here. Their bodies turned to rock. I don’t think I need to say which parts of their bodies can be seen. Map:

Wat Ratchathammaram, Samui

Wat Ratchathammaram on Samui is sometimes called the red temple die to its terracotta colour. The bas reliefs and sculptures are quite amazing. Map:

Wat Khunaram, Samui

At Wat Khunaram, you can see the mummified boxy of Luang Por Daeng, a revered local monk who died in 1973. Map:

Tarnim & Magic Garden, Samui

Tarnim & Magic Garden, or Secret Buddha Garden, is in the center of Samui island. It’s not that easy to reach but there are some fine views along the way. The garden contains a number of stone sculptures along a stream. Entrance fee is 80 Baht. Map:

Nathon Pier, Samui

The Seatran car ferry arriving at Nathon Pier on Samui island. I wonder how many of the passengers are tourists. Map:

Mae Name Beach, Samui

This is Mae Name Beach on the northern end of Samui Island. From here you have some fine views of Koh Phangnan in the distance. Map:

I hope you enjoyed that nearly six hour tour around Samui Island. The outer ring road is about 54 kilometers long. I’m heading back to my resort now. Hopefully I will get back before sunset.

Back at my resort in time to enjoy a cold beer on my balcony as the sun starts to go down. It’s been a long day. That’s the problem with trips like this, I don’t usually get much time to relax in the hotels. Maybe in the morning.

Fisherman’s Village in Bophut, Samui

Of all the places that I’ve been to on Samui so far, it’s Fisherman’s Village in Bophut that seems to have the most restaurants and bars open. Unfortunately, the majority of them had very few customers. Where are you? Please come to Samui and support these people.


Most people in Fisherman’s Village Bophut were on the beach in front of COCO TAM’S. There must have been several hundred people there enjoying the music & fire dancing shows. This is probably now the liveliest place on Samui. Not Chaweng or Lamai. Map:


Good morning from Samui. Thick cloud on the horizon and so not the best of sunrises today. But I still like getting up at this early hour just to watch the sky slowly change.

Routines in breakfast rooms at most hotels are the same. Temperature checks & washing hands on arrival. Today it’s a mixture of self service for side items & a menu for main dishes. Only one family here at the moment so no problem with social distancing. But more tables outside.

Storm clouds & light rain and so I’m chilling out on my sea view balcony while catching up with answering the DMs. My apologies if I haven’t answered your question yet. If there’s time, I might check out the spa before I leave the hotel at noon. I’m flying home today.

This morning I visited the spa at Anantara Bophut. A lovely area of the resort and a great place to relax before I fly back to Bangkok and my day job. It’s been a hectic trip and so not much chance to just relax. I have to check out after lunch and then head to the airport.

It never really rained in the end. The storm clouds quickly cleared & we now have a brilliant blue sky again. Samui doesn’t get its rainy season until later in the year, unlike Phuket on the west coast which has it now. So, for Samui, July and August is one of their high seasons.

I’m heading to the airport now. Many thanks again to Anantara Bophut for inviting me to stay and for being such kind and generous hosts. They even provided a driver for me so that I could do that 6-hour Samui island tour yesterday in order to share pictures with you.

Boarding Bangkok Airways PG136 from Samui to Suvarnabhumi airport. Flight time is about one hour and twenty minutes. All of the flights today are apparently fully booked. Passengers still arriving.

That’s a wrap on my four day trip to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. I hope you enjoyed my photos and I’ve inspired you to visit. This is truly the best time to travel around Thailand as there aren’t many tourists. Click here for a map of the places I visited:

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