Three-Day “Go Local” trip to Chanthaburi Province

This weekend I went on a 3-day trip to Chanthaburi with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. This province is in Eastern Thailand and is often bypassed by foreign tourists. The city has one of my favorite riverside communities. Last year, I came here for their Christmas festivities. Click here for my Live Photo blog. The following photos were posted live on social media during the trip.

Date of trip: 24-26 August 2018

DAY ONE: Lunch today was at Lighthouse Bar & Grill at Kungwiman Beach in Na Yai Am district of Chanthaburi. The food was good with some great views of the sea. Map:

A popular destination along the coast in Chanthaburi is Noen Nangphaya Viewpoint in Na Yai Am District. The curve in the road is very picturesque. Nearby there’s a small chedi on an islet [Map].

Aerial photos of Chedi Klang Nam at Ban Hua Laem fishing village in Na Yai Am District of Chanthaburi [Map].

This afternoon we visited the Sea Farming Demonstration Unit in Kung Krabaen Bay in Chanthaburi. It is free to visit and feed sharks, turtles and other fish, and also learn about conservation of marine life. We learned about how they grow oysters and also harvest blue swimming crab eggs. Buckets of fish are 40B or three for 100B. Open 8:30am-6:30pm [Map].

The highlight this afternoon was a boat trip with Uncle Tom to his oyster farm in Bang Kacha sub-district of Chanthaburi. He showed us how he farmed oysters. He then took us back to his house where we enjoyed some very large and delicious oysters. Uncle Tom has actually won a prize for the largest oyster. The ones we ate were two years old. But they grow bigger over time.

Aerial photos of Tha Chalaeb in Bang Kacha sub-district of Chanthaburi. On the river you can see some oyster farms. The last picture is of the local Catholic Church [Map]

An enjoyable meal tonight at Pu Cha Seafood restaurant in Tha Chalaeb, Chanthaburi [Map].

DAY TWO: Good morning from Chanthaburi in Eastern Thailand. Dry and overcast at the moment but a chance of rain later. Today we will be exploring the riverside community. Click here for a live map of places that we’ve visited so far.

This morning we explored the Chanthaboon Waterfront. This community had the first road in Chanthaburi and dates back 200 years. Most people here are Thai-Chinese which is reflected in the architecture and food. Make sure you come hungry as there’s a lot to eat.

The Chanthaboon Waterfront is a fascinating place to explore. It is advisable to stay in one of the small hotels along the river. I like it that the local community are making an effort to preserve their heritage for future generations.

A popular food stop on the Chanthaboon Waterfront in Chanthaburi is at Khanom Kai Pa Tai (ขนมไข่ ป้าไต๊). This is where they make and sell a popular egg cake from France. They make about 3,000 a day. Very delicious if eaten hot [Map].

Chanthaburi is famous for the gems trade. It is recommended to visit the gems market on Srichan Road & Krajang Alley. Here you can see people buying & selling gems, as well as gem polishing. Merchants come as far as Sri Lanka & Africa. The best time to visit is Friday-Sunday.

Lunch today was at Chantorn Pochana (Maharaj) in Chanthaburi. Recommended dishes are Som Tam with unripe durian, Fried Noodles with crab, Masaman Chicken curry with unripe durian, and Pork curry with chamuang leaves [Map].

This is the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Chanthaburi. The Catholic community started with Vietnamese refugees in 1700. Today, there are about 8,000 Thai Catholics. The present cathedral was built just over 100 years ago [Map].

Talat Tub Mor (ตลาดทุบหม้อ) is a new community market at Wat Plab in Bang Kacha district of Chanthaburi. It sells unique local food, snacks and homemade products. It’s open every weekend from 10am-7pm [Map].

Chanthaburi is well known around the world as the center for the gemstone trade. In particular with polishing and cutting. But they also have some gemstone mines. Bo Ploy Lek Petch (บ่อพลอยเหล็กเพชร), in Tha Mai district, is a 100 year old gem stone mine. About 8 months ago they opened it up to the public. For 100 Baht, you can try your luck at gemstone mining by climbing down into a pit. You then sieve this mud and gravel to see if you can find any gems. More info on their Facebook page: Indystone Jewelry [Map].

DAY THREE: Good morning from Chanthaburi in Eastern Thailand. This is now the third & last day of our trip. Light rain at the moment with more in the forecast. Here’s a Google Map of all the places that we’ve visited so far.

This morning we participated in a cooking class at Maneechan Resort Chanthaburi. We made Khluk Phrik Kluea (salty and spicy rice with seafood), Sen Chan Phat Goong (phat thai Chanthaburi style), and Phla Pla (spicy raw fish salad).

Lunch today at Maneechan Resort Chanthaburi

Nong Bua market is not too far from Chanthaburi. It’s desserts have strange sounding names which made it popular on social media. The old wooden shophouses & the street art also make the place photogenic. Open 9am-5pm every weekend [Map].

Popular snacks with strange sounding names at Nong Bua Thai Dessert Market in Chanthaburi include monkey’s penis and stuck in your throat dessert. Worth spending a couple of hours here. But come hungry.

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