Live Tweets: Bang Khun Thian Trip

Not many people realize that Bangkok has its own coastline. However, its not white sandy beaches as there are only mangroves and shrimp farms. But, it is an area worth exploring which is exactly what I did on Sunday 12th June 2016. I drove down there taking my bicycle and drone. I also did two boat trips. There is a lot more to discover and so I will be back soon to do some more exploring. The following are the photos that I tweeted live on @RichardBarrow during the day. Click here for more photos and GPS coordinates of all of the places that I visited.

Plan for today is to explore more of the coast, including Bang Khun Thian in Bangkok. Click for map.

Setting off on my drive down to Bang Khun Thian. Taking my bicycle & drone. Hopefully it won’t rain.

Wat Hua Krabeu Riverside Market in Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok. Popular with Thais. Click for Map.

Wat Hua Krabeu (วัดหัวกระบือ) in Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok

I guess this is what you call “Born again Buddhists” – at Wat Hua Krabeu (วัดหัวกระบือ) in Bang Khun Thian, #Bangkok

Khun Kala Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำคุณกะลา) in Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok is very quiet. Click for Map.

Prince Chumphon Shrine in Bang Khun Thian is shaped like a warship, 79m long & 19m wide. @13.605739,100.4323763,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d13.605739!4d100.434565?hl=en-TH" target="_blank">Click for Map.

Bang Khun Thian Museum in front of Khlong Pittayalongkorn School. Open Wednesday-Sunday. Free entrance.

On a cycle ride from Khlong Pittayalongkorn School through mangroves & out to the sea. Click for Map.

First obstacle on the cycle route. It was good up to now. Hopefully the wooden boardwalk ahead is safe.

I think I would class this mangrove boardwalk as approaching “Indiana Jones” level. A little adventurous.

Finally reached the sea. Great view, wonderful breeze. Just a bit dodgy getting there. Now to get back!

Drone photos showing my bicycle route in Bang Khun Thian out to the coast.

Did you know Bangkok has a coastline? I’m on a boat trip now along the canals & out to sea. Only 50 Baht.

Map for where to catch the boat to Bangkok Seaview Restaurant:

Bangkok Seaview Restaurant in Bang Khun Thian. The only way to come here is by boat. Map:

This is the boundary market between Bangkok & Samut Prakan. Due to land erosion, it’s now out at sea.

Drone photos of Bangkok Seaview Restaurant in Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok. The only way there is by boat.

I’m now further West at “Jeng” restaurant. It’s on the Pramong Canal in Samut Sakhon. Map:

There are several restaurants on either side of Pramong Canal that do free boat trips to the Temple in the Sea.

Map for Temple in the Sea in Samut Sakhon: (Temple is sponsored by a certain bank)

Drone photos of Pramong Canal in Samut Sakhon.

Fishing boats on Pramong Canal in Samut Sakhon

I just saw this charter boat coming up Pramong Canal in Samut Sakhon. I guess they’ve been whale & dolphin watching.

Aerial photo looking towards Bangkok. Coastline here has been eroded due to shrimp farming & cutting down mangroves.

I’m heading home now. I hope my trip has inspired you to explore this area. Here is my map.

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