Trip to Phuket to Watch Siam Niramit

January 10, 2012

Over the weekend I flew down to Phuket for the grand opening of Siam Niramit Phuket. This is a big show that is really popular in Bangkok. Here are some of the other places that we visited.

Lunch was at one of my favourite restaurants in Phuket Town. It is called Raya (A – 7.885947, 98.390926). I have been there three or four times now. One of their signature dishes is this crab curry which is really nice. After lunch we explored Phuket Old Town (B – 7.884733, 98.389161). The local administration have spent a lot of money in burying the electricity and telephone cables which gives an unobstructed view of the old buildings. Really worth spending a couple of hours walking around here. There is an interesting museum on Klang Road just to the west of my marker. In the afternoon we went up to the top of Khao Rang Hill (C – 7.893583, 98.379682). This gives some good views of Phuket Town below and the bay beyond. There are also some monkeys here.  At the same place is a good hillside restaurant called Tunk-ka Cafe (D – 7.892647,98.380224)

In the afternoon, we also did a brief stop at Patong Beach (E - 7.891237, 98.293315) as I wanted to get some pictures for my travel blog. As an interesting side note, Internet service on my iPhone was slow all around Phuket island but I managed to get some good 3G speeds on Patong Beach. At the end of the day we visited Siam Niramit Phuket (F – 7.931395, 98.375219) for the grand opening. This mega show gives foreign tourists a great introduction to the culture and history of Thailand. There is also a Thai village here with buildings from the four regions. The next day we travelled to Phang Nga Province to visit Ban Bang Pat (G – 8.362339, 98.575191), which is a Muslim fishing village. You can explore this village, join boat tours and also enjoy some delicious seafood. They also have homestay. We had lunch here at Krua Aree (H - 8.360691, 98.574784) which seems to be the most popular restaurant in the village.

One comment on “Trip to Phuket to Watch Siam Niramit

  1. Phuket1943 on said:

    Richard, very impressive what you accomplished during your visit to Phuket. Especially Phuket Old Town is very nice and not very noticed by the tourist.

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