Trip to Hua Hin to Watch the Tennis

January 4, 2012

Over the weekend I was in Hua Hin to watch the World Tennis Invitation Hua Hin 2012. We were there for two nights and three days. Here is what we went to see.

Probably the most beautiful train station in Thailand is Hua Hin Railway Station (A – 12.567486026648, 99.954611063004). It dates back to the reign of King Rama VI. The building you see here is the royal waiting room. There is also an old steam train at this station. The most famous beach is Hua Hua Beach (B – 12.569559430208, 99.96267914772) which is in the heart of town. You can tell it is Hua Hin straight away because of the pony rides that you can go on here. One of the night markets that we visited was Cicada Market (C – 12.534167909308, 99.965752959251). It is an art and craft market that also has live performances and street buskers. If you want to buy something original then come here. It is open Friday to Sunday. For dinner we ate at Baan Itsara (12.58236075581, 99.95625525713) which is by the sea. They had some great seafood here and at a good price too.

The next day we visited two new floating markets. The first one is called Hua Hin Floating Market (E – 12.510733209122993, 99.92035388946533) and only opened in August 2011. The second one is called Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market (F – 12.501751525398017, 99.91621255874634) and is a bit further down the same road. I thought that there wouldn’t be room for two floating markets so near to each other, but when we went, there were queues to go in and the car park looked full. I guess that is a different story during the week. Of the two, I preferred Sam Phan Nam as there were more activities and most importantly, a lot more food! We had a late lunch at Coco 51 (G – 12.579496874573136, 99.95688557624817) which is also by the sea. This also had a good selection of food. At the end of the day we visited another relatively new market called PlearnWan (H – 12.594237406651935, 99.94922786951065). This is a recreation of an old style market from Hua Hin. There were even things to buy that you don’t often see these days. This is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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