MEGA Bangna (เมกาบางนา)

May 4, 2012

The latest shopping mall to open in the suburbs of Bangkok is the MEGA Bangna. Reported to have 800 shops and 8,000 parking spaces, they claim to be the biggest low-rise shopping mall in South East Asia. The anchor stores include: Robinson, Big C Extra, HomePro, Mega Cineplex and IKEA. Mega Cineplex includes 15 digital cinemas, 24 bowling lanes, 28 karaoke rooms & 1,000 sq.m ice skate rink. I am not sure if it is the largest mall in SEA, but it is certainly the biggest one in Samut Prakan. And as Suvarnabhumi Airport is about 15 minutes away, it is certainly the most convenient for transit passengers.

Location: Samut Prakan
GPS Coordinates: 13.647426, 100.680256

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4 comments on “MEGA Bangna (เมกาบางนา)

  1. john on said:

    How to reach mega bangna

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