Thana Market (ตลาดท่านา)

September 6, 2011

Thana Market (ตลาดท่านา) along the Nakhon Chaisi River, has been around for more than 140 years. The name of the market comes from the times when the area was surrounded by rice fields. There was also an important trading port here. The market has become increasingly popular with day trippers from Bangkok who come here for the food, fruit such as pomelo and souvenirs such as old antiques.

Province: Nakhon Pathom
Geo Coordinates: 13.802239009478, 100.18697921957


2 comments on “Thana Market (ตลาดท่านา)

  1. There’s a similar in Bang Saen, called Nong Mon market. A great place to buy seafood produce.

  2. madamwae on said:


    Thailand is a beautiful country. Thai people are friendly. They are smile for everybody.
    /sincerely yours

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