Exploring Bangkok on Sunday Afternoon

August 21, 2011

After I finished the bicycle rally for Bangkok Car Free Sunday, I went to to take some pictures at two events that were taking place today.

My first stop was the Museum of Siam (A) where they were having a Rice Harvesting Festival. It will continue for the next two Sundays. The museum itself is really worth a visit.I then headed north to check out Sanam Luang (B). It has recently been opened after a long renovation period. The grass was certainly look very green. My next stop was the Bangkok Tourism Office where I picked up some brochures including a couple on bicycle routes around Bangkok. From the pier here there is a River Walk (C) that goes all the way up to Santichaiprakarn Park and Phra Sumen Fort (D). That is where I finished my afternoon at the Food Festival by the River.

The following are my tweets from this day trip:

  • Sanam Luang looking nice & green now. Makes a nice pic with the Grand Palace in the background http://t.co/sbqhT2N
  • They are harvesting rice today in the middle of Bangkok at the Museum of Siam http://t.co/Lf6wzRZ
  • Information about the Rice Harvesting at Museum of Siam; continues for 2 more Sundays – http://t.co/tyl1GwU
  • The Bangkok Tourism Office on Phra Athit Road is worth visiting. Picked up a couple of brochures on cycling in Bangkok. http://t.co/T2sWBui
  • Last day for the Thai Food Festival in Santichaiprakarn Park (next to Phra Sumen Fort) http://t.co/9lHyFtr
  • Nice walkway along the Chao Phraya River from Phra Pinklao Bridge to Santichaiprakarn Park. http://t.co/xgg5kAO
  • The ASTV building along the Chao Phraya River is still covered in nets to deter grenade attacks http://t.co/uBvRiRi
  • Phra Sumen Fort on Phra Athit Road. Not many of these fortresses left now. http://t.co/OzswDVA
  • If you are in the area it is worth coming here to Phra Sumen Fort for the Thai Food Festival. http://t.co/vXhbW4U
  • I posted 23 photos on Facebook in the album “Food Festival at Santichaiprakarn Park in Bangkok” http://t.co/NSP3yJM
  • RT @thaicam: Nice tip re Food Fest. Perfect temp, nice atmosphere, even a former Miss Thailand serving khao soi
  • Last day for the Thai Food Fest by the river at Phra Sumen Fort. Info & map here: http://t.co/PWEzn60 Finishes at 10pm
  • I posted 65 photos on Facebook in the album “Bangkok Car Free Sunday 2″ http://t.co/2HBNoYL


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