Exploring around BTS Punnawithi

August 13, 2011

This morning I went on the new stretch of skytrain between BTS Bearing and BTS On Nut. I saw an interesting looking temple near BTS Punnawithi so I went to take a closer look.

I started this trip at BTS Punnawithi (A). Take Exit 1 and then walk back towards Bangkok a short distance. On the right you will see Soi 101 (B). The motorcycle taxis here will take you to Wat Dhammamongkol (C) pronounced wat tamma mongkon. It will only cost you 15 Baht. The chedi itself is very tall at 95 meters. Walk up a few floors and you will find a lift that will take you most of the way to the top. There is a donation box by the lift of 5 Baht to help pay for electricity. You have to walk the last few floors but the views are really worth it. Looking down below you will see a building with a dome on top. Here you will a large Buddha image made from green jade, believed to be the largest jade Buddha in the world. To go back, you will find a row of Subaru’s. These are a bit like a tuk tuk. They will take you back to the top of the soi at Sukhumwit (baak soi) for 10 Baht per person.

The following are my tweets from this day trip:

  • Plan for this morning is to explore the new stretch of skytrain line between On Nut & Bearing looking for attractions #
  • View from new stretch of Skytrain at Bang Na. I’m looking for something interesting to stop & visit http://t.co/NOFDiqk #
  • I feel sorry for the passengers getting on the Skytrain at On Nut. It used to arrive empty but not any more. #
  • View from BTS Punnawithi platform. Looks like an interesting temple. Heading there now. http://t.co/BlMvd4N #
  • Someone asked me about wheelchair access on the new skytrain. BTS Punnawithi has a lift. http://t.co/YVWqWf1 #
  • RT @chrisothailand: It’s called Wat Thammongkon. Very famous large temple well known among Thais. Look forward to photos #
  • RT @MichaelBKK: Wat Thammamongkon ia a popular place to learn Thai massage. #
  • Pic of the impressive 95 meter tall Wat Thamma Mongkol in Phra Khanong. Tallest stupa in Thailand http://t.co/ByWMOyG #
  • Great views from the top of Wat Thamma Mongkol looking towards Bangkok http://t.co/I4hfCsH #
  • This is believed to be the largest Buddha image carved from one block of green jade http://t.co/qFLyeGt #
  • If you want to visit Wat Thamma Mongkol, go to BTS Punnawithi & take Exit 1. Walk towards Bangkok to Soi 101. Motorcycle taxi is 15 Baht. #
  • Does anyone know what you call this kind of local transport? Caught it on the way back from the temple http://t.co/vlAuRV8 #
  • RT @shinemonkun: twitpic.com/659exb I call it Subaru => I think you are right #
  • RT @forestmat: I think that vehicle is referred to as Tuk Tuk Subaru (after the company that makes them presumably) #
  • RT @Khongsak: There was no exact name for it some call See Lor Lek (small 4 W) or Subaru or Daihatsu as per their brand #
  • PHOTOS: Wat Dhamma Mongkol http://t.co/Lx9gSmg #

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