Cycle Ride from Lumpini Park to Benjakitti Park

February 12, 2012

This morning I went on a cycle ride between two bike-friendly parks in Bangkok. These are Lumpini Park and Benjakitti Park. Between the two there is a dedicated cycle track that avoids roads. For lunch I ended up at the Firehouse on Sukhumwit 11. I started at the largest of the parks which is called Lumpini Park (A). It is close to the Silom business district. There is easy access here by MRT but you can only take your bike on the subway if it’s foldable. As you can see from these pictures, they have a bicycle route marked out around the park. You must keep to this. Be careful of joggers and people not looking where they are going like this little kid. You can only cycle in this park from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Exit the park in the North-East corner and then turn left. A short distance away there are steps that take you up to an elevated bike track (B) that goes across the city. Unlike normal pedestrian bridges, the steps here had a smooth track to run your bike up and down. But, you should walk and not ride as they are very steep. There were three of these major bridges. One of them went over the expressway. The last stretch is along a very smelly canal.

When I came out, I turned right and then left and went through a small community and out onto the main road. Here I turned right and a short distance away was the side gate for Benjakitti Park (C). I entered through the North-East corner. This one is not as big but for much of the route around the large lake, there is a dedicated cycle track that is only for bicycles. However, on the Western side you need to look out for pedestrians. In this park you can also rent bicycles. If you want peace and quiet then spend longer here. Again, this park has easy access by MRT.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,100.550437&spn=0.027181,0.038581 width=650 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

This is the live map that people were following during my trip this morning. I had already done several laps before I turned on the tracking device. The ride time (one lap of each park) was 19 minutes and 55 seconds. Average speed was 19.71 km/h. Total distance was 6.55 km

After all the cycling during the morning I was really hungry and decided to go and check out the Firehouse on Sukhumwit 11. There has been quite a bit of buzz on social media about their burgers. As I didn’t have any breakfast (and won’t have any dinner tonight) I had two meals. First the Breakfast Burger and then the Fish and Chips. Both were excellent though I preferred the latter. The burger was a bit too juicy which was making a mess. Very difficult to eat. I had to resort to eating with a knife and fork. But, still good.

GPS Coordinates:

Lumpini Park A – 13.730818,100.541586
Shortcut Bicycle Track B – 13.733872,100.552851
Benjakitti Park C – 13.729599134785,100.55765726718
Firehouse Pub & Restaurant D – 13.745020632388,100.55626234722


One comment on “Cycle Ride from Lumpini Park to Benjakitti Park

  1. Its a great thing on paper to try and connect different districts by cycle/ walk paths! Looking back at this a few years later its all the same wit the exception of most stainless steel bars on the crossing being cut out and sold to the latest taker, all night fittings and lights gone… I still enjoy this path so much as you truly can get an insight on how all the real Bangkok is tucked in between big condo’s. Precaution though! Don’t try this at night unless you speak thai. Lots of kids hang out at night and wanting more than just the high 5!
    TIP: Try to get INTO (not cycle pass it) the Tobacco plant and ask the guides to open some warehouse gates.. You can see all the old machinery that once served the nation with tobacco.

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